I’m a graduate of William Jewell College receiving my BS in Business Administration with a minor in Communication. While attending William Jewell College I was a two sport collegiate athlete. I received All-Conference and All-American honors in football during my senior year as one of the team captains. My extra circulars were the Black Student Association, entrepreneurs society, the football team, and the track and field team.

Football taught me the most about myself and life in general. For starters, how to strategically work together with people of different backgrounds and abilities. That was a huge take away because it requires a large amount of selflessness and trust not to try and make every play on the field and to have faith that my teammate will fulfill their assignment. I learned how to hold my teammates and myself accountable for the assignment we were given, even in high pressure situations . It is unlike anything else to be apart of a brotherhood that shares a common goal and contributes maximum effort day in and day out. I definitely have football to blame for my competitive outlook on life and my work ethic. It taught me how to work hard for something you really want and see your hard work pay off. My biggest take aways from the game of football are how to excel in adverse situations, work together as a team, be a team player, be accountable,  pick people up when they’re down, and lastly to be a winner in life. My goal is to translate these qualities into the business world and be successful.

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